The case for unique and non-traditional venue spaces.

Infographic Insight Published on Feb 20

Ever thought about organizing your next event in a photo studio? A rooftop bar? Or an airport terminal?

Sounds crazy? Think again.

In the same manner that business culture is changing, and the dynamics of the workplace evolve, we see similar trends in event venue selection. As we highlighted in a recent infographic , there is an interesting parallel between work spaces favored by tech startups and the meeting spaces sought after by event planners.

People want to be inspired, and the venue plays a key role, serving as a catalyst in that regard.

We expect a further shift as traditional meeting and event locations continue to reinvent themselves and to offer more casual, informal and multi-purpose spaces. This has led to an increase in the demand for non-traditional venues that are able to offer a unique experience.

When we speak of non-traditional venues, it essentially means venues that were not initially created to host events. That said, traditional event venues such as hotels do remain the most popular choice for event professionals. (check out this infographic)

Event planners know that hotels, restaurants and convention centers offer event space, but they are now realizing that more interesting – and often inspiring – venues exist. Events are increasingly about creating the “wow factor”, as people want, and even expect, a unique experience.

Putting everybody in a windowless meeting room with a PowerPoint presentation is a thing of the past. Unique venues stimulate curiosity and challenge attendees to think outside the box, and break away from traditions and protocol.

One of the key points made on our „6 ways to find a venue” infographic, unique event venues often have a story to tell. Choosing a non-traditional venue gives attendees something to talk about, or to share with friends/followers on social media. Breathtaking views from a rooftop bar in Budapest offer the ideal pretext for an Instagram post or Snapchat story. (soon, we will publish an article about how photo/video sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat are influencing the design of event venues.)

Finding the perfect venue for an event is never easy, and non-traditional venues provide additional questions to consider before making a final decision. What assets does the venue have? If its an empty warehouse, it might look cool, but everything from chairs to tables will need to be sourced externally.

What type of in-house services are available? Does the venue have WiFi, reliable A/V equipment, etc..What about safety & security regulations? Non-traditional venues might not always be adapted for your event from a safety regulation point of view.

Always have a constructive dialogue with the venue managers to ensure that your next event is a memorable experience!

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