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My venue page

Do I need to write a description?

Not necessarily, but it is a great opportunity to tell people about your venue, promote your services and highlight what makes you unique.

Do I need to add indicative prices?

Yes. Indicative prices allow visitors to search event venues that meet their budget. It also allows event venues & spaces to target the clients they wish to attract.

What is the availability calendar?

Our availability calendar works together with our search algorithm. By actively filling in your availability calendar (which you can choose to show or not), our search algorithm will boost your venue the days when you need it most.


What is the best size images to use?

The minimum required size for your header image is 1920 x 1080. For all other pictures a minimum resolution of 540 x 380 is required. A picture speaks a thousand words, so think quality, and make a strong impression!

How many images can I load?

You can load as many pictures as you deem necessary to showcase your venue.


How can I add a video to my page?

Adding a video is easy. Load your video to Youtube, then simply paste the link to the „detailed description” area on your venue page.

The site will automatically replace the link with the iframe on your venue page.


Can I write in my mother tongue?

Yes. Write your venue description is your mother tongue. Nouba will take care of translating it.

Who translates my venue description?

Our certified translators will ensure that your venue page is professionally translated in English.

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